The Mother of All Passive Incomes

Become part of FlipFolio42 and enjoy the benefits of your personal FlippR NFT. Your FlippR gives you access to a daily return of up to 1.42% until the maximum duration of 142% is reached. Participate in exciting, AI-supported activities in the crypto universe.

We issue 100,000 FlippR NFTs per cycle, which verify you and other participants of the FlipFolio42 project on the blockchain. If more than 1.42% is generated through Hexagon trading activities, this also benefits the first 100,000 FlippR NFTs. That's because 50% of the surplus is distributed among the FlippRs.

But that's not all: Our Autobuy feature allows you to continuously expand your portfolio. As soon as your balance reaches 42 USDT, you automatically acquire an additional NFT, allowing your portfolio to grow exponentially. Explore the fascinating world of FlipFolio42 now and dive into the future of cryptocurrencies and NFTs! The revenues from the sale are divided and used in the most promising crypto projects through our Hexagon strategy. This involves a balanced mix of NFT and Crypto Token Trading, blue-chip long-term holdings, short-term NFT flipping, Play 2 Earn Gaming, liquidity loans, and automated market makers.

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